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Asked by louisv on 22-10-2020 10:45:19
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Is this letter valid.


DEMAND - SECTION 57(1) OF MAGISTRATES COURT ACT 32 / 1944 Overdue Account: Computech Legal Account  

Ref Number: 978572 

Court Case Number:  OVERDUE: 1,247.60 

Your outstanding / overdue account was handed over to Computech Credit for collection on 21/10/2020 

Louis Van Wyk 6607215223088 

Notice Issued to : Louis Van Wyk 6607215223088 

Particulars of Claim : 

The claim being the capital outstanding amount handed over by Computech Legal  


Account for goods sold and delivered / services rendered, interest, expenses and fees  as per Reg 11 of the Debt Collectors Act 114 of 1998 and VAT. 

Failure to pay the above mentioned amount to Computech Credit within 7 (seven) days  


hereof : 

Computech Credit 

(2.1) may result in LEGAL PROCEEDINGS in a Court of Law to recover the outstanding amount. 

(2.2) may result in further expenses and fees that may be incurred if this account is not settled   promptly. 

Co Reg:  

2013/236060/07 Council Nr:  

Note : Summons may be issued without further notice. You will be held liable for cost  


thereof, should judgement be granted.  

To avoid Legal Proceedings, immediate payment of the full outstanding / overdue amount  


must be remitted in the name of LC Group by using the following options 


Fax: 0866209957 



Physical Address: 

Po Box 1529,Mount  Edgecombe Country  Club,4300 

Postal Address: 

Po Box 1529,Mount  Edgecombe Country  Club,4300 

(4.1) Direct Deposit - Fnb, Account Number: 62828784670,  

 Branch: Durban (250655) , 

 Account Type: cheque  

 Please quote reference number: 978572 

 Fax proof of payment to: 0866209957 or email to: ***BLOCKED-EMAIL-ADDRESS***.za 

(4.2) Contact our Offices to arrange payment 

(4.3) You are liable for all costs related to this account, even if payment is made  directly to our client. 

(5) In terms of section Regulation 19(4) of the National Credit Act, you are hereby given 20  days notice of our intention to supply adverse information in respect of the default, nature  and conduct of the account to a Credit Bureau. 

Note : If you are unable to pay the full amount and prefer to pay the outstanding amount in  installments, a reasonable minimum installment amount may be afforded by Computech Credit  and shall be approved by Computech Credit in its own discretion and subjected to a signed  Instalment Agreement. 

Note : If you believe that this account was handed over in error, please contact our office for  assistance to resolve this matter. 

For assistance, please contact: 

Legal Clerk 

 on 0877110528

Answer to the Question

Posted by Att. Patrick on 28-10-2020 10:46:08

Hi there,

I see that you haven't made a payment for the question, but I'm going to assist you a little. If you want to ask a follow-up question, please make the required payment.

It is merely a letter of demand, albeit poorly worded. They don't even mention who their client is or what the amount was actually for. 

All very strange. 

Att. Patrick

Please remember this is a dialog if you have follow-up questions please make the required payment, then use the REPLY button and ask your further question. I would like to continue assisting you, but I need to concentrate on people who make payments for their questions.

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