Good morning, I need assistance in findi...

Asked by AshleighB on 24-10-2020 07:50:34
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Good morning, 

I need assistance in finding out what is the best way i can approach the below grievances with my MD.

Due to Covid, we were placed on short time contracts as an option over being retrenched, paid for 10 working days a month. We then received a contract that would be valid for 3 months once the UIF ters we supposed to stop, Jul - Sep'20. There was an agreed salaray that both the company and myslef agreed to at the time of signed. 

These salaries were not paid to us, not even for 1 month. I have worked more than 10 days a month and received less than the conracted agree amount. 

The HR manager / lawyer (am not sure of her role as we have not met) that discussed these contract with us has not followed up on developments either.

In the beginning of July, she sent us an email advising us that the contracts will come into play from this month and that we will be receiving the agreed salaries. BUT, the day before pay day, 24th July 2020, she sent us another email advising just that UIF Ters have be extended for the month of July and that is helps the company. 25th July20, we were not paid the agreed slaary amount but a subsidy amount that she has been paying us since April'20. We were paid the subsity amount plus the UIF Ters for from April - July'20. 

On the contract, it stated that by 07 Oct'20 contracts will be reviewed with us to see if they will remain as agreed or go back to normal salaries and or decreased further. Since, this has not been discussed with us and  no new agreement has been put in place. 

For the months Aug - Oct'20, she has been paying a salary of what she feels we deserve that month as all amounts differ and it is very hard to plan my life due to not know what salary I am going to receive month to month. 

She mentioned on Monday 19 Oct'20 that UIF Ters have opened up again and that she is going to advise us on how that is going to work. She did not elaborate nor discuss further other than she is still waiting to here from accounts how this will work. 

Last Month she paid me a Salary of R13K and this month just under R2K less and I cannot understand why or how she is calulating my salary and what it ius based off and I do not know what I am getting paid every  month as there is no communication regarding Salaries. 

We did not even get a payslip this month, which proves to me that she is hiding something and I do not know whaty as long month she proudly sent us the pay slips and this month nothing and I find this very strange as every employee is supoossed to receive a pay slip prior to being paid. 

I am not sure how to approach her with all of these facts as I do not want tp be retrenched and have her employ someone else who will be happy to receive any salary and live with uncertainty every month. 

Please can you advise the best way to approcach this to her. 

Kind regards, 


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