I share a panhandle entrance with my nei...

Asked by Elton on 24-10-2020 19:07:54
Question posted in the General Law category relating to Eastern Cape

I share a panhandle entrance with my neighbour.Their property is higher than mine and is only divided by a pallasade fence.Our driveways are at the same level.I have noissue with his rainwater running down my driveway.Yhey wash thier cars,cat's sand boxes and clean their driveways which lets the dirty water run down my drive way endign up in fron tof my front door and running off into my flower boxes.I have asked them to stop washing thier dirty water down my driveway.They have a tap at the fences edge but no drain.Instead pf rediredting the water back into thier yard they just wash it down my driveway.What can I do legally?

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