Good day. I dont know what to do anymore...

Asked by Elize on 16-11-2020 20:40:42
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Good day. I dont know what to do anymore. Please i need help if anyone can assist. I am fighting for my kids for a while now that im on my feet. I live in Laingsburg .. And my kids stay in Brakpan Gauteng. I saw and spoke and even emailed a social worker in Laingsburg, Mr Asanda he told me that he would help me and even said he only work showing results but now i dont hear anything from him and even not hearing from any other social worker i mailed asking for help and it is now 4 days that NOBODY contacted me not even a mail, i even send a mail today also send mails to the goverment aswell stated that i really need some help. I cant wait for my kids to finish school and then want to fight for them. They stay with their grandmother who is now 75 of 76 years old. She and her son (my almost ex husband) took the kids from me without any social worker or police 11 years ago. And they went to the social worker in Springs to make false claims. The grandmother even send me 2 letters from the "court" where not even my address where we lived is on it or the address of her,  its her brother that work for the police whos number is on there. And the other paper is folded in half so that i cant see what they told the welfare to wright on the paper. A year and few months later my little girl who is 12 years old saw that same paper and took n photo of the whole paper and when i read it i burst out in tears because of the lies. And then i asked the grandmother about that same paper she send me that was folded in half that if it was only half the letter she has and she said yes. The kids father drinks and does not even have a full time job stays with the kids by his mother even though the kids is in her custody, which she told me that the welfare worker said that he can stay there and that is not fair. My kids is being emotionaly abused and there is not always money in the house. They are also not allowed to eat whenever they want to. And my list goes on and on and on. Even if i send my kids some money the grandmother borrows money from my daughter of 12 sometimes and then dont give it back. She also told my kids that i left them on a pavement ect ect. They are busy ruining my childrens bond with me ... They even send my eldest daughter to come stay with me 2019 1st of May and then the grandmother told me i mist lie to the welfare and say that she came to live with me because she is going to college and 3 months after she stayd with me the grandmother did not stop her sassa money but took it and spend it on i dont know what. I really need some help from social services for my kids to come back to me because i tried very hard for so long to get someone t help but there is always no luck with real srevices. I dont know who else to ask for help, im running out of places. Ive got some proof of papers from the grandmother that are not even making sense 

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