Hi i need advise im in proses to sell my...

Asked by click009 on 22-12-2020 07:33:56
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Hi i need advise im in proses to sell my house the buyer of the house is a farm worker but the farmer and his wife do the deal so the farmer have the workers id and bank card. i did have 3 other serios buyers but the farmer asure me they want the place and i told them there are other people that whant the place they tell me i must wait till last week then well do transaction and in the proses some one break into the farmers house and he told me i must wait till hes stuff came out and the farm worker want the place but the card and id is with the farmer and at the momend the other buyers dont want anymore as wile waiting for the farmer i ran into finansal probs cause the farmer aaured me he want the place hes even prepare to give more but i told him i dont want more just my amount its now more than 3 weeks that he keep me on waiting and when i ask whats hapening now he say give change till tomorow every time i just want to know what do i make in a situation like this cause i sell the house cause im in need of money my rent is behind now were im working my wife is on maternity and the farm worker just tell me they want the house but they card and id is with farmer

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