Good DayMy name is Dalisha. I am devorce...

Asked by Danlin on 15-02-2021 22:34:37
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Good Day

My name is Dalisha.

 I am devorced with 4 children, 3 of my children are done with school. my youngest of 12 is a special needs child. I was basically a single parent for most of my children's lives.

My ex husband and his wife are always plotting and trying to make me look incompetent. his wife however the one i have to talk to (who i have too talk to if i want to talk about my children) sent me a whatsapp earlier. They are now looking for a school in cape town for my child, without talking to me first she have the nerve to ask if i know of any schools  for my child. I am currently working taking care of my daughter on my own but my ex husband paid maintenance almost a  year ago. I live in the garden route area and i can not allow them to take my child. Right now i can not afford to send her to school because the closest school for special needs are in another town, and i had her enrolled there until he offered to pay the school fees which he never did, until she got  kicked out. he even agreed to it in maintenance court but never did.

right now while i work my boyfriend who loves my child like his own who she sees as her dad (because my ex husband left while she was still a baby as i sat alone at hospitals), looks after her because he is  currently unempleyed, but still he provides an income by building and selling computers and repaires for people as he have a good client base. he takes good care of her and i trust him with my child even more as i do her real father. he even teach her she could not even talk before he came along now she mumbles words because of him. my daughter is not even as excited to see me as she is when she sees my boyfriend whenever he comes home when he had somewhere to be. However we have been looking for an affordable school ever since the other one expelled her, but not all the special needs schools have deal with children with her disabilities, we just recently went to an evaluation session at a school even.  But those people are conniving, that woman's text are worrying as i know her good enough to know that i should worry. a year ago they sent money when he got pulled from work after one or other medical issue, but that was once after not giving anything for months while he was waiting for his provident fund. that was R10 000. he is suppose to be giving 1500 per month for her,and just mentioning she have to wear nappies and it is not cheap the adult diapers, when asking about the months he never sent a penny the wife and his family was quick to jump to his defence even dragging my name through the mud on social media. they think my boyfriend is after his money (the maintenance money) but what my boyfriend provides for my daughter even without having an employer is more than what they send, if they send anything at all.

if anybody can give advice about wether or not it is possible for them to take my daughter, or even assist in any form, please!  because i can not allow those people to take her away. he can not even support her by paying maintenance and according to the wife. when i complain or ask them for help, she tells me no i can take him to court they dont care. now this?


I am looking forward to hearing back from anyone with legal advice on this. 

084 601 0905.

Kind Regards.

Delisha S.

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