Hi,I was recently involed in a car accid...

Asked by Nathalie on 15-03-2021 12:52:01
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I was recently involed in a car accident. The driver of the vehicle that I went into the back of had a live chicken in his car that as he explained to me when he came of of his car, started flapping in his car and distracted him in the drivers side which caused him to suddenly stop his car (not to brake but just stop).

I realise that driving into the back of someone makes it my fault. I however know that I was driving at a safe distance behind him but as the road is very windey and we were driving down a steep decline, his reaction to suddendly stop his car due to him transporting a live chicken that panicked is what caused the accident.

I unfortunately wasn't covered by insurance at the time of the accident and the driver's insurance is now claiming money from me to fix his car.

He has also changed his story three times from the chicken being the cause of him to break to the cars in front of him slowing down and the latest version was that his ringing cell phone distracted him.

I am unfortunately not in a position to pay him the more than R19000.00 they are claiming as well as the much bigger damages to my car.

Are you able to give me some advice?

Many thanks!

Nathalie Moor

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