Hi,I was served with divorse papers by m...

Asked by Anonymous on 28-04-2021 23:20:46
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Hi,I was served with divorse papers by my husband of 16 years. His sister is his attorney. I can't afford an attorney as I am earning less than R3500. According to the papers. I Have to give up my half share of the property in 5 months and he gets custody of the kids and I have to pay maintaince and get visiting rights. I'm the one that takes care of my kids,he only contributes financial but does not offer kids wth love support or his time. We married in community if property but papers don't mention I get anything in the divorse. How do I go about fighting for my rights ? In the time we have been married , he never wanted me to work. Wanted me to be a stay home mum always found excuses why I shouldn't apply for jobs and never supported any business idea I had. Any advise would help . Time is running out for me to contess

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 29-04-2021 12:30:43

Hi there,

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If you are married ICOP, then you are entitled to 50% of everything. 

Also, if you look after the kids, then you should be the primary caregiver for them and your ex-husband should pay you maintenance!

Att. Patrick 

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