I have vehicle finance with wesbank, my ...

Asked by Charmaine on 25-06-2021 11:38:09
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I have vehicle finance with wesbank, my account was in arrears and i have managed to pay mu account up to date. They have informed me that they have a judgment and will be attaching the vehicle on Monday with the sheriff of the court as they have attained the judgment before i had settled my account. However in the sales agreement clause 13.6 clearly states that if I paid the arrears before the contract was canceled or the vehicle attached that the contract will be reinstated and continue as normal. Also I have read in the consumer act section 129 that if the arrears were paid up then judgement would cease. However upon contacting wesbank they simply refused the above and said that they will not reinstate the contract (which still shows as active on their website, i have a screenshot) they also said they will not further negotiate until the vehicle is in their possession and they will claim the full outstanding amount of the agreement which I have also asked for a settlement amount and not yet received for the past 2 days. Is there a way you can help me so that the sheriff can not attach the vehicle on Monday?

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 27-06-2021 22:47:33

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If the sheriff arrives, you need to hand over your car. But if it is not the sheriff, you do not need to hand over your car. Only the sheriff with a court order!

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