Good day hope you are wellMy cousin has ...

Asked by rudy on 27-07-2021 07:32:31
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Good day hope you are well

My cousin has been accused of 2 counts of fraud amounting to R130000 of which he benefitted R8000. He used to be a bank employee. Investigations are almost complete he has to re appear in court on the 13th to get the charge sheet.

My questions are :

Will he go to prison?

Can he opt to pay the money back without going to prison and a fine?

He is a first time offender who supports his 63year old mother and 92year old grand mother.

What options does he have to avoid being sent to prison. 

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 30-07-2021 11:09:44

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Q: Will he go to prison? --> If he is found guilty, he will be sentenced. The sentencing might result in a fine, or a jail sentence, which might be suspended for a period of time as long as he doesn't do the same thing again.

Q: Can he opt to pay the money back without going to prison and a fine? --> Unfortunately no, but if he pays the money back, the court will take that into consideration when deciding the sentence.

Q: What options does he have to avoid being sent to prison.? --> He could make representations to the public prosecutor and ask that he be given community service.

Att. Patrick 

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