Please help in 2015 l got married and my...

Asked by Lelo on 27-07-2021 23:25:39
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Please help in 2015 l got married and my husband is from England  then that same year he left south Africa back to his country of origin that was July 2015 he was supposed to come back September the same year oky he kept lying to me that he will come but a year went by another one went by until l found out on Facebook he married another women from Jamaica its then l realized that l have been left so l decided to keep quite he then texted me in 2018 telling me he still loves me l asked him about his new wife he denied but cause l was then used to his lies l just told him l was done l want nothing to do with him l asked him to at least set me free from the marriage so l can move on he was just mumbling he never answered me so now l moved on my problem is that l cannot do anything as my status still say lam married to him all l want is divorce  uncontested divorce so l can have my life back we have no kids no joint to anything it was just a marriage with nothing .please help me lam 27 years and l need to settle my life like any other young women .my phone number is 0680271886 my name is Nompumelelo Nkomo email address ***BLOCKED-EMAIL-ADDRESS*** 

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Was he married to the Jamaican woman before you guys got married, or after?

Were you married in a civil ceremony? Or through a customary marriage?

You might need to apply for a divorce and ask the High Court for directions on how the summons must be served on him.

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