I am a young mother, I had my son at the...

Asked by Anonymous on 28-11-2022 18:00:53
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I am a young mother, I had my son at the age of 17. My parents have been assisting me financially to take care of my son. The father and I were in a relationship but when he found out about the baby he denied it, I fought for him to be apart of my son's life because of I didn't want my son to go through the same emotional hurt he went through by not having his father being apart of his life, I didn't want my son to grow up and fall under "the statics". The father has not be actively involved in his life for 3 years and now for the past 4 years he has been not there full time but it's better then it was before but we had an agreement when coming to our dating lives. Introducing our partners to our son which he broke. The girlfriend has been teaching my son things that I feel and believe is immoral. I found my son playing with his private part and I asked him why is he doing so he said " but mummy she's then doing it to papa when we sleep". Everytime he returns from spending a weekend with his father he comes back with actions of having to touch my baby sisters bum and breasts. We both me and the father stay with our parents. The immoral things they do infront of my son when going out partying and then they post these things which I have been collecting. Even during COVID he went with my son and slept at a friend's house gave my son COVID and my son gave it to me which landed me up in hospital on 24hours of oxygen. I've tried talking to them and honestly I verbally did fight with them but I can't keep my son away from his father that is wrong and not my decision to make because he needs to see and realize it for himself and not blame me. What can I do to prevent my son from being exposed to such environment?

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