Good Day, a scammer has nude photos of m...

Asked by Johan on 01-03-2023 17:40:39
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Good Day, a scammer has nude photos of me and are threatening to release those material if I don't pay $500, what should I do?

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I shared the intimate material with the person not knowing they were a scammer and now he/she is threatening to post those material

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 01-03-2023 20:27:08

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm sure that you've already kicked yourself in the butt about sending this scammer nude photos of yourself.

Look, the reality of the situation is that if you pay the scammer the ransom money, it will never be enough. They will promise to delete the photos. They will say that the ransom is a once-off payment and then you'll never hear from them again. 

This is a lie. 

If you pay, then they will know that they have caught you and they will wait a week or two, or even a month, and then they will come back to you with demands for more and more money. They will never delete the photos, and they will never leave you alone. 

They will continue asking for money until you have no more money to give.

So you can't pay them.

You need to tell them that you are not going to be blackmailed. You need to tell them that at the moment the only crime that they've committed is blackmail, but if they publish your photos then they are guilty of a further crime in terms of the Revenge Porn Laws ... where they can get proper jail time. 

You must unfortunately tell them that if they release the photos you'll report them to the SAPS and lay a charge against them. The police will investigate their cellphone number, their WhatsApp number, their FaceBook message account, everything in order to track them down to prosecute them.

You can't pay. Because if you do, they will have you on the hook forever!  

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