Hi morning.i need to divorce after 27y a...

Asked by Anonymous on 04-03-2023 05:34:39
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Hi morning.i need to divorce after 27y all together. My dear husband then,, 24y old, has cheated w under age girls who weekly supplied him with stolen drugs, bookpack full, every friday, two girls, he lured the 2nd girl, a lesbian, staying off school who does sexual favors for him , including  group sex.  2004 He i allergic  to latex condoms, ..such a caring hubby, seeing that after 10y engagement, we FINALLY  tied the knot !! We were married 5 whole months then I found out. That was the trigger  to his mentally physically and verbal abuse for me.Then he had a sexual affair w my younger brother's 16y old girlfriend.i was 7months into pregnancy w my firstborn son. 2005. We moved. The abuse was brutal. I need support to check how many of my human rights hubby took total control over for extended periods. He punishes people cruelly for his narcissist sadistic pleasure. 2012 my 2nd baby girl was born, after such heartbreaking, unfuckingnessaciry episodes of physical abuse and miscarriages.2013 my Mom passed of cancer. He became addicted  to gambling (+ drugs) cut me off financially altogether, cleaning out my account and pension account via online and change passwords for our home pc,  the vault, bank account pins, he targeted my social media accounts, flirting w friends pretending to be me, waiting for responses then start beating me, my personal sentimental belongings was TAKEN and hidden at his family, he blackmailed me with it , not to reach out for professional help. As a punishment, he took away my phone..for 3years and 4months??no contact w NOBODY

. my personal belongings , our bankaccount, vehicles ect.was recently SIGNED over onto his brothers credentials. Without any of my concent. He refuses to pay school fees, buy groceries or allow me any monies..even a measly R4 he confiscated. He is terrified I seek help. He refuses me medical help or painkillers after physically abusing me every time. The physical  abuse took on a distinct pattern.  Every time he cheats, my hell starts abruptly. I had a untreated nervous breakdown  2018 ...He is awake  my number  please keep contact urgent  0673485293 Louise 

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