Hi I have a problem and would please hel...

Asked by Emelio on 10-01-2024 22:28:22
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Hi I have a problem and would please help with some assistance into taking my company im still working with to court 

I have lost alot of money dating back to 2021.

Where my employer have cut my hours without my written consent  and where my contract states I'm employed permanent 8 hours a day Monday to Friday  and weekends if there is work.

 I've done some research but I've never actually heard from a firm that it is actually correct just to confirm my research. 

My employer never had a meeting with me and my fellow employees regarding our hour cuts. 

Instead we've been Told that we are working like that from then onwards until now.

I can assure you there's no written consent from my employer to prove that they made these changes with our consent.  And top of it all there's been new recruitments in the company from the first start to our hour reduction up until now, I have 3 children,  I only started making credit accounts after I've been made permanent which I payed with no hassle but after the decision made from my employer I had to organize a lower installment fee and it made me go behind with payments aswell as a couple missed payments to an amount of almost 32 thousand Rand.

And that's only the one account.

But besides the credit story.  I feel its wrong and I've never actually had a say into if I wanted this new changes or not[10/01, 21:47] Milo: I have indeed asked my employer  regarding our hours , but she just said that there's a decline in work and that's how we will be working from now onwards. And that was it. 

But she forgetting that I know of the new recruitments taking place in a Laboratory of ours that's on Transnet. 

I really dont understand its stressful and I'm feeling stressed with all this because you saying you have a decline in work but you employ new people from time to time?

Shouldn't they then let the people whos working long at the company put them in the positions where they are employing the new ones? Just to make sure our hours add up.

But thats not the case , instead we work twice or three times a week.

Sometimes we do work full weeks.

But that will only be for one week.  The following week it'll be "back to normal" working 2 times to 3 times a week.  That's the meaning of back to normal according to them. But my contract says normal hours of work is 8 hours a day for the week.

But there's a whole lot more to the story. 

Please get back to me after reading my messages ????

Do I have a case?

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