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when there is a cour order in place with co parenting and  the alternate parent atfer receiveing objections, then still continues to take the child and enroll her on a school wihtout consent.  What is the legal implications and routes to be followed. 

We have a hogh court orde in place for shared residency with equal co parental resposnisbilities as dated may 2016. The investaogation for the reccomednation included hour interview in the family advocates office, nor further social workers, school visits, home visits or any other for of investaigation was ever done. Despite requests logged to advocates as well the department of justice . The past 2 years the shared has messed up my daughter and we have various reports confirming this as it is not stable for 3 year old little girl. He also exposes her to bdsm lifestyle and polyamorours parteners at his place of residence which was also ignored

I ried to resolve these matters from last year with mediation that failed due to non co operation from the father.  Followed by application to childrens court for case managaer, asssitnace and socila worker intervention as the father witheld my daughter and removed her daily form ht crecheh she had been attending for 2 years, because he decided he did not want her there. 

I suggested 12 school on one year of which not one was even condiered or contacted. He then contonued to enroll her in and English ony creche ( against reccomendations she should be exposed to bilingua environment) . During my viti to the school ion ctober the principla in fact lied to me and said she was not enrolled ( this became eveideent when the papaers filed in november stated in fact by  then he had already paid the school.

The AMgostrate in November never heard the acse and as i did not have represenation,  his team of advocates and lawyers on the day took over and without even giving me the opportuniy to speak said to the judge that the application cannit be touched and has to go through high court, when i stated i cannot affird high court the magistrate said tough and dismissed the case and removed the social worker and family advcates request that had been logged y the first magistrate. 

The father of the minor child once agaain bullied hi way forward and continued to now take her to the nunrsery school and they accepted her even withut my consent and with a copy of the court order. 

There is also 5 other contemp of court cases that have been loggen in 2 yearsof which n oen has been prosecuted. 

I am reallu upset as yesterday when i contacted the school to speak to the principal i was met with utter disrespect, disregard and satted they did not need my signature and Graham is entilted to do what he wants dutring his time. she stated that co parenting is only for pasports and they refuse me access to the school grounds to go fetch her. 

How is this legal and how is this allowed to happen and whow can i now take action as the current course of aciotn is forcving me into sitations and concdrns and the school is clearly not objective nor is interested and that this will  be used at later stage as the ligustics language and environment did not agree with trinity needs.  

Please advise as i am now at the end of my line. The court order is a farce and has not been abided by or implelemented and in fact has caused a situation whereby i have now been stripped of any single parental right or duty and say in anything and being alienated form ymdaughter life and major decisions as he just implements his own decisions all the time. Please can someone assist me as i really do not know where to go from here and the system has failed time and time again. .. should i decide to take my child and move yet i will be arrested cause he has 22 milion in the bank and can afford 3 legal teams to cover his backside continuously. 

I am desperate and want to protect my daughter but i do not kow where to go or where to seek help anymore cause no one listens and no one seems to care

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