Good day I just want to find out I went ...

Asked by johan eagar on 15-04-2024 16:14:35
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Good day I just want to find out I went under debt review in 2020, debt solutions gave me an amount that we all agreed upon for repayment every month in 2022 during COVID we got a call from them debt solutions asking can we increase the monthly payment by 1300 Rand of course we said unfortunately at this stage we cannot that was the end of that discussion I phoned FNB this morning to get my balances after the last three to four years and it turns out we are owing even more than the original loan due to interest when I phoned debt solutions they said yes but we did phone you back in 2022 to increase the amount and you said no so due to the interest and of course it  not being under a court judgment which we thought was placed already, the account just kept growing in interest my original loan of 50,000 when I started debt review it was 38,000 it's now officially over 50,000 again apparently the court order was only issued in 2022 which we did not even know about or received now we owe even more than the original loan amounts close to 240,000 rand but in the last three to four years we have paid back over 350,000 to debt solutions, witch basicly just covered the interst as FNB did not accept the ammount again we did not even know this!.  I just want to know how can I go forward is this legal if not where can I hire a attorney who will be able to help with this case and is here a case that we can make?  hope this finds you well



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