Good dayI have resigned from the company...

Asked by MONAjohn on 13-07-2018 11:53:09
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Good day

I have resigned from the company 25 June 2018 and gave 4 weeks notice. I was emplyoyed on 1 July 2017. My contract says I can give two weeks notice until one years completed and after the first year  2 months notice. I signed an addedum to contract 5 May and says its effective from 1 March 2018 which replaces the conditions of emplyment. It states effective from 1 March 2018. New salary, new hours per week 42, hours per month 182, new leave: ANNUAL 20 , 2 months notice. It also states that all over conditions of emplyment as stipulated in initial contract remains the same. I only have 14 days leave as present never received 20 annual. The company accepted and acknowledged the resignation, sent me a letter and my pension forms. On the 10 July they sent an e-mail stating I have to work the two months notice and if I don't they will take action and financial deductions shall be made. Can you please assist me with this matter? I dont know how to respond 

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