Hi there, My name is Cafton Hendriks. MY...

Asked by CaftonH on 07-05-2021 14:09:59
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Hi there, My name is Cafton Hendriks. MY daughter is 2 years of age and her father has went for his legal rights claiming that he does not see her. He does however physically and mentally abuse me and does daga and drinks alcohol everyday. An Advocate contacted me stating that the father wants to see my daughter as follows:  two weeks with me and two weeks with her. What are my rights as a mother, how do a fight this as he has provided personal info about me. My step father touched himself in front of me while he was sleeping and woke up. The father of my child used this against me and has told social workers he is concerned. They kept her in my custody as I am a good mother. The father is indian and I am coloured and the father told the advocate that I called him racial names. And that I tried to kill myself once which is correct due to all of his abuse. Please help I dont know what to do. I am a good mother. He is using financial power as a step up over me I dont want to lose my daughter to a drug user and abuser!

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