I run the family business that is actual...

Asked by Rimon on 20-10-2021 09:24:08
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I run the family business that is actually not fair because my 2 grownup sisters 40 years of age and plus. They hardly bring in any income, they get twice I do and when I started the business again because my father lost all our finances close to 5 years ago. I was promised a stable fair salary that I still don't get and they have what they have because of me and my ideas and my work. I got all the clients we have and a percentage of the profits was promised on top of a fair 10k salary that I don't get because of things about my personal life they hold up as a excuse. Every week I was suppose to get apart of the 10k salary. Now after years of work saving the land things are growing and they're going to sell the land. That I knew and was also promised 20% of that transaction that's busy taking place as I type. It's a massive development around our land and almost 230 million rand was last spoken we will get for the property because we're in the middle of development plans. Point of all of this is simple, I want my share and my salary and let's say 4 years of working for free for their needs. Outstanding promised salary including my 20% of the selling amount. They mentally abuse me with manipulation tactics and empty promises. I literally after all the hours, days and years have nothing in my personal account and I am not allowed using money without them saying yes or no. I'm 37, divorced and a grown man that's not allowed to even date someone from a different race and I feel captive or like a hostage. There's so much more to all of this and I can provide evidence to my claims. The abuse towards me mentally has driven me to depression and the feeling of being worthless while still having to work otherwise there won't be anything left with all my fathers depth when we almost lost everything we still pay outstanding money we owe. I can't go on like this and my human rights is taken away with blackmailing me or blaming me for anything that goes wrong in their lives. 

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Who is the owner of the land?  Your father?  Or is the land owned by a company?

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