Hi I am in process of purchasing a house...

Asked by ClintM on 21-11-2021 06:11:47
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Hi I am in process of purchasing a house free standing 3 bedroom. 2 garadge.. I have signed a agreement of voetstoets and only the non operational pool was listed on the agreement which was visible. Estate agent had a open day and we had walked around the property to view on our own and not guided by any agent  to get familiar however the garadge door was locked where we where  not allowed to enter because we was advised the owners dog is inside.upon another visit to the property 3 weeks later to take measurements found the garadge door open, I entered and found huge holes in the roof ceiling and roof tiles exposed with holes and damp walls. The servants quarters is still locked and was advised they do not have the keys which is attached to the garadge when we asked to view it. I have approached the agent as to why she didn't disclose this to me on the onset which is visible. She said she will get back to me.i did agree to buy voetstoets and fix all the visible damages which I have seen but this has been hidden from us.The garadge has a concave ceiling and holes in it. The rafters are all damp and also rotten. It is not safe and the structure could not be safe please advise a way foward. Whos cost does this become. At the moment the paperwork is at the transfer attorney and bond attorney office and has not been sent for lodgment as yet 

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 24-11-2021 00:22:58

Hi there,

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First, I think that you need to get a lawyer to assist you in drafting a letter to the seller, because things could get sticky very quickly. Secondly, I think that you have sufficient grounds to cancel the sale agreement due to a non-disclosure of (what I think is) a very important issue with the house.

Att. Patrick 

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