Good day.Recently I got a new job, previ...

Asked by Mologadi Maropola on 03-08-2023 10:36:20
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Good day.

Recently I got a new job, previously I was an ocuupational hygiene assistant (occupational environment observer was the actual job title) at a gold plant. it was a surface job meaning i didnt go underground. I took out a life insurance policy two years ago with Liberty with the assistance of a fiancial advisor when i bought a house. This year when i got a the new job my job changed to Ventilation officer (Assistant occupational Hygienist the job title) this time an underground job.

I had contacted my FA to assist with restructuring my fiancial affairs. I wanted a Bond/credit life cover for the house, that would be separate from my personal life insurance. I wanted a life insurance policy that i wouldnt be forced to cede to the bank as well a very spefice product, Sanlam that i had previously gotten a quote for. but i wanted to make sure that i could get proper bond/credit life insurance before ammending/cancelling the policy with Liberty.

As a summery

i got a quote for Sanlami wanted my FA to get me a good bond coverthen i would cancel Liberty

My FA expressed concern that about the fact I work underground (i already had a quote) and proceeded to look for products

She used the wrong occupation and not the occupation that i gave her when sourcing quotes for me. she didnt need to get me life insurance quotes because i had already told which product i wanted as well my reason , though i never told her i had already gotten a quote.

she came back to me with this information

she cannot get credit life/bond covershe cannot get the life insurance cover that i want 

Citing that working underground is the source of this difficulty. I informed her that she used the wrong the occupation on the quote and that should have used the occupation i gave her. she said she had use an appropriate occupation to reflect my risk, and that the problem isn't the job title but underground

I sent the Sanlam quote 

she got the Liberty to match it

I accepted the Sanlam quote. 

She expressed that Sanlam cannot properly cover me as i work underground because Sanlam doesnt cover my occupation

I told her that I had used my actual occupation (ventilation oficer) as the basis for the risk, she insisted it wasnt a proper reflection of risk. 

I enquired wih Sanlam

Sanlam cancelled the Policy because i had been previously denied insuance and not because my occupation isnt covered

I want to sue her for the value of the policy that i lost because she created a problem where there wasnt a problem, ignored the occupation that i gave her and inflated my level of risk to there point where i now cannot ever get insurance becuase having been denied cover makes it very hard, and with a policy having been cancelled it is all but imposible to get cover. Had she used the occupation i gave her, none of this would have happened. 

Do I have a case?

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