Im 25 and living in South Africa. My mot...

Asked by Ray on 21-08-2023 19:08:32
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Im 25 and living in South Africa. My mother (the person I'm solely finically dependent on) is currently withholding medical care, specifically access to psychiatric schedule five drugs and the doctors who prescribe this medication. 

I'm looking for resources in order to be able to leave the situation.

I believe that I will likely have to petition the court for maintenance from my mother, at the very least temporarily, because my mother and the rest of my family, have impeded my ability to be able to find a job and work for my entire adult life. my mother is also actively threatening physical harm on me, and has physically done harm to me. I currently have scratches all over my face and a massive bruise on my face from her attacking me and slamming my head against the wall repeatedly. She claims that this was self defence. But what I have done to provoke her hasn't warranted this level of physical harm done to me.

 I have significant disabilities that have been exasperated by my mother treatment of me, which is why I would be seeking maintenance, as it would be extremely helpful in me being able to separate from my family and resituate myself and recalibrate myself after the situation  

She has a habit of alienating me from people. I don't have any support system outside of my family, because she has directly impeded my ability to have and sabotaged relationships. 

I have done a lot of wrong in this situation, I've hurt a lot of people, I've had meltdowns and freak outs that I've hurt other people and myself. I need to be able to get out of the situation in order for that to improve. 

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