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Asked by rich1978 on 29-03-2021 12:43:12
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To whom it may concern My name is Richard Seed, I have been investigating the title deed fraud with the Deeds Office of Pretoria, to try to track down those who committed fraud against my mother in May 2002. FNB was caught out for the 3rd time since then but nothing has been done about it. So I have waited till the right time to strike and claim back the property, as it has been 19 years to get all the proof. I was approached by the Deeds Office in November 2020 to apply for Section 6 of the Deeds Act 1937 as it has only been found that the 5 supporting documents were never filed in the Deeds Office of Pretoria. I am sure you will know what those 5 very important documents are? My mom has been fighting this for years but she passed away on the 5th September 2013. My mother and I were evicted from the property on the 10th of June 2002 because the next-door person claimed that he was the owner of the 970/0/1 EXT59 Morningside ERF stand since 1975. I just can't understand how this government workes because clearly, the courts do not understand the Title Deeds Law on Consolidated property law. I would like to request a zoom call and I am sure my case will go down very well on the weekly show that Bruno does with those who talk about the property law. Apart from that, I would like to show the the problem in person that the property of what the JHB Council has spoken to me about and needs to be dealt with ASAP. I was supposed to have got the property back on the 1st of March 2021 from FNB and Pamgolding Properties before the matter goes to the High Court of Johannesburg. Now I was informed that private security has been deployed at the property of 3 guards, day and night since Friday 18th March 2021. I have been told by FNB that I will need to proceed to the High Court and get a court order and only then I will get the property back before my case is heard. I am now stuck because I am in need of serious help as I need to move from Rivonia in April 2021 as instructed by FNB because the property needs to be sold and go into the trust of my mom's estate, 8 years later. I can tell you that I have read the Deeds Act Law and my case is something that I would not mind if it is used for training purposes and the fact of the most important documents is missing and it is the law to be filed in the Deeds Office of Pretoria. The strange part is half the property when it was rezoned in 2004, is registered in Johannesburg Deeds Office and not in Pretoria Deeds Office. The property involves a a lot of title deeds on the property and it noted a Red Flag property but no one wants to do anything about it and that is why I have decided as a South African honest individual to claim back what was stolen from my family. Well, I hope you will consider taking the opportunity to discuss my case with me? Please see the video Thanks from Richard Seed 011 234 3732 082 895 0436

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Hi there Richard,

I see that you haven't made a payment for the question, but I'm going to assist you a little. If you want to ask a follow-up question, please make the required payment.

You have certainly made a compassionate plea for help, but you have not actually explained WHAT happened to the property. What were the facts which gave rise to the title deed fraud, and when did your mother find out about it?

Why is FNB involved? What did they do? Did FNB attach the property and sell it on a sheriff auction?

You don't actually explain anything in your video, except to show us around your old house.

If you want a lawyer to assist, you need to explain.

Att. Patrick 

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