Good day hope you can assits me I bought...

Asked by Werner on 06-10-2023 05:42:01
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Good day hope you can assits me I bought a car a month ago and according to ford the motor has an issue. below is timeline of events:


Went to Limitless Auto to look for a car. had interest in the everest and was told that it has a full service history with Ford.I provided all my information for financing. I was approved the afternoon and had to arrange insurance. This was arranged and went to collect the vehicle at their premises at 17:00. I was told that there is a tracking device that needs to be set up to my name. I was also told that the car needs to go to a panel beater for a small dent on the bumper, and I can bring the vehicle when I am back from Louis Trichardt so they can send it in.


Drove to Louis Trichart with the vehicle. Had no issues. In Louis Trichart I wanted to have a look at the service record but the service book did not have any pages for previous services. I phoned the dealership and asked them for the service book.


Returned from Louis Trichart the previous day and returned the vehicle to the dealer as they still wanted to send it to the panel beaters. I asked them if they can replace the key battery as the car gave me a warning. I also asked them if they can test the car battery as sometimes when I start the car it struggles to start.


The vehicle was handed back to me and I discussed the service record again, I was told that I should phone ford as they have the records for the services. Key battery was replaced. They said they tested the car battery and that it is fine. I should wait for a coil light to go off before I start the car.


Sent a photo via Whatsapp to the dealer showing the bumper looked worse than before it was fixed, they asked me to bring the vehicle in so they can sort it out.I had meetings in Johannesburg as well as Louis Trichard so could not do it immediately and arranged a date with them.


Returned the Vehicle for the bumper to be fixed.


Received Vehicle, When I started the vehicle the salesman was next to the vehicle and it made the noise I had brought up when I thought it was the battery and he asked me if that was what I was talking about. I said yes and he said it could be that a coil is dying, they are not expensive to replace around R700.


Drove to Johannesburg when a warning light came on that the engine was hot. I stopped about 1 Km after the warning at a fuel station and filled the water with 10 litre of water, I waited a while and drove again. After about 20 km the light came on again, I stopped at a fuel station again, filled water and phoned the dealership. They said they don't understand why it can happen. They serviced the vehicle and everything was fine when I bought it and I put 5 000 kilometer on the vehicle and nothing was wrong. THey then asked what do I expected them to do. I replied I don't know as I have to be at work and I cannot be stuck with a car that I just bought. They said I should phone the Insurance and ask them to tow the car to them and they know a mechanic that can look at the issue. I phoned the Insuarnce and they told me due to me being 1.6km from a ford dealership they can only cover 20km if I want it to be towed to a different tow the car they said it will cost around R3500. Due to only being 1.6km from Ford I filled the water and drove there. Ford service consultant said the car would need to be booked in and they cannot provide a timeline. I phoned the dealership and said the vehicle is at Ford Randfontein and they said I must let them know what is wrong.I had to organize someone from Careltonneville to pick me up and drop me at Avis Krugersdorp to rent a car to attend the meetings I have not yet missed.


Returned the rented motor to avis and my wife came to fetch me from Klerksdorp.


Phoned Ford Randfontein and spoke to the foreman. He informed me that there is issues with the motor, they are still waiting for authorisation before they can strip and check what is going on. I asked it can this happen if I only had the vehicle for a month and he said  I should phone the dealer as because it is under 6 months it should be under their warranty. I then phoned the dealer and again could they could not understand how it can be. they said I must get the car to them as they have mechanics and can monitor what the issue is and that ford is too expensive. I informed them that the forman said this should still fall under their warranty , they replied that they do not have that, it is only my extended warranty. They will find out if they can provide me with a loan motor. They phoned me back and said they can provide me with a loan vehicle, I must get my insurance to get the vehicle to them. I reiterate to them I did not pay almost R300 000 to sit without a vehicle in the first month and what are the chances of this happening again they just said they understand.

They believe because they serviced the vehicle that there cannot be an issue. but I have an issue with that as the vehicle was services in May 2023 at 255 000 kilometer (according to the only service record that was on a invoice in the vehicle. I got the vehicle on 261 000 km. That means the car was driven for 6 000 kilometers after the service and before I took ownership.I cannot remember the exact day but Tracker contacted me to arange instalation, when I asked do I pay or the dealer i was told I have to pay so I told them to wait I will arrange a instaltion through my wife  that works for Tracker.I hope this information is sufficient 

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