Sammy is very upset, as her child left t...

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Sammy is very upset, as her child left the front gate to her property open; and her dog, Yap-Yap, ran away. She immediately printed posters with a photo of her beloved dog, and wrote her telephone number on the posters, with the words “Reward of R1 000 to the person who returns Yap-Yap to me.” Bella, a student who lives down the road, spotted a dog that looks like a stray whilst on her way to university. She picked up the dog, and took it to the nearest vet, who confirmed that the dog is Yap-Yap, as he (Yap-Yap) had an identification chip implanted, which also listed Sammy’s details. Bella returned Yap-Yap to a delighted Sammy, who thanked her profusely. As Bella drove away, she saw Sammy’s poster with details of the reward on a lamppost. Bella drives back to Sammy, and asks for the R1 000 reward. Sammy refuses to pay Bella. Bella is furious, as she went to all the trouble to have Yap-Yap identified, and now Sammy is not keeping to her word.

1.1 Discuss whether the poster with details of the reward constitutes an offer or invitation to do business. In substantiating your answer, refer to all relevant sources of law, including case law. (5 marks)

1.2 Outline the requirements for a valid acceptance, and advise Bella on whether she can legally claim the reward of R1 000 from Sammy. In substantiating your answer, refer to all relevant sources of law, including case law. 

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